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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

By mastering customer experience and becoming a customer company or a “customer first”, you can gain essential insights on your consumers and build long-lasting relationships with them, which will ultimately be the best fuel to kick start a new business or revitalize your current situation.

The customer experience is measured not by individual objectives of the departments of a company, it is an integral process that must include from beginning to end all the departments involved in the value chain. This integrated process must be automated, generate valuable data for the business and be measured to improve the experience.

Your customer experience strategy (CX) is your great differentiator. To meet the demanding customers expectations, you must take advantage of business best practices, adopt smarter processes and take advantage of the best technologies in CX. Imagineer is here to help you with the best technologies and methodologies to achieve it. 
Learn how Imagineer can help improve the experience of its customers through its business processes, technology platforms and services:

     +   CX Business Process and Business Rules 
     +   Customer Journey Map
     +   Digital Transformation of all channels and process 
     +   Omnichannel Platform and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
     +   CX Real-Time Analytics



Digital Transformation
of the Customer Experience


Imagineer Digital strategy provides you with the support to succeed and grow.  The Digital Transformation process can help your organization reimagine how to innovate, operate and engage with customers, employees and partners using world class technologies to deliver new business value.

We help you accelerate the building of new experiences in a technologically-focused, digital-enabled environment through the best technologies like Salesforce, Hubspot, Liferay, Magento, SmartNow and Redhat BPM & BRMS.


Customer Journey Map

With this service understand the process of your customer, then automate and improve the experience

Inbound Marketing Strategy

With this service organically attract customers to products or services through value content creation in website, blog,  social media, email, SEO and SEM practices


Customer Journey
& Customer Process

Customer Journey helps businesses gain insights into common customer pain points, how they can improve the customer experience, and define what customers, and prospective customers, need in order to complete a purchase.

If you are trying to build a digital transformation ecosystem, It’s not about buying a technology and saying that we have a 'digital transformation platform.' It’s about changing the way people think understanding your needs through business processes and business rules focused on the CX.






Customer Relationship Management CRM


Frequent flyers expect airlines to know their seating and route preferences. Retailers are expected to make relevant product recommendations based on established shopping habits. Today’s empowered consumers demand services according to their individual preferences whenever, wherever and however they interact.

Omnichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is at the very core of your efforts to enable new brand strategies, integrate the latest technologies, and keep up with new Customer Experience trends.

Omnichannel CRM provides a positive Customer Experience before and after the sale, in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits, offering a great experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the post-purchase process.

  • + CRM
  • + HubSpot Lead Management
  • + Liferay Digital Experience Platform
  • + Magento Commerce Experience