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Ecommerce Experience


Imagineer strategize, design, develop and implement B2C and B2B commerce platforms. Our Commerce services create new digital process through bleeding-edge, end-to-end solutions that unify the digital and physical process.

Leveraging deep customer and process knowledge, we build connected and personalized customer experiences that influence customer buying decisions.

By improving ecommerce channel maturity and delivering integrated experiences, we boost customer interaction and engagement, delivering tangible sales results, more loyalty and a better bottom line. 

Provide a superior ecommerce experience, speed your time-to-value, and reduce your total cost of ownership to win business and build loyalty.


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Ecommerce B2B

Optimize daily business customers functions, simplify online buying with features specifically designed for B2B, including fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, custom catalogs, and more.

Our E-commerce platform gives customers the live data they need to make decisions like contract pricing, inventory, available to promise, specific warehouse availability, open invoices, order status, and much more. We define a process fo each and every customer to an sold-to and pull relevant data straight from your ERP to create a personalized customer experience.


Real Time Analytics

Imagineer Real-Time Analytics is a service that enables analysis, reporting, data mining, predictive modeling with the help of powerful visualization, interactive dashboards.

Digital Transformation Platforms

Digital Transformation is transforming business models, processes, and the way we work in the digital economy. It's about finding new ways to deliver value, generate revenue, and improve efficiency through technology platforms.

E-commerce Process Flow

Your e-commerce channel can often be a sales process that is overlooked.In order to maximize sales opportunities, increase ROI and reduce your TCO, Imagineer helps companies highlight key areas that may require automation or modification and, ultimately, improve performance.


Ecommerce benefits

Ensure a personalized, comprehensive e-commerce experience with end- to-end commerce processes.

Go to market faster with solutions for retail, direct to consumer (B2C), indirect via distributors or resellers (B2B2C), and selling to organizations (B2B).

  • - Support end-to-end e-commerce processes, including cart checkout, product content and experience management, promotions, and order management
  • - Increase your organization's agility by using a single digital platform
  • - Increase your commerce team's productivity
  • - Deliver a consistent commerce experience across all your go-to-market models
  • - Simplify your commerce process and reduce your total cost of ownership

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