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Customer Experience

Employee Experience

Better Employee Experience (EX) is key to better Customer Experience (CX)


Companies often turn to technology in their quest to provide a better customer experience, but its employees are equally important. Organizations are learning that investing in employees can yield a better customer experience, even employees who don’t directly interact with customers are important to shaping their experiences.

So, if your company has invested in a whole new strategy focused on the Customer Experience and has created all kinds of new digital technologies. How can you expect your employees to respond to all these new customer-focused processes, if they still use Excel and an old ERP that was not created for the digital challenges that Digital Transformation requires?

Imagineer have designed a platform for today’s employee, the system knows which relevant information and alerts to put in front of your employees: real-time customer data, Customer and Employee Portals with transactional data, and more.





Employee B2B
Process Automation

Managing a great employee experience is about paying attention to the moments that matter in an employee's day by day. The experience people have at work is becoming a vital part of an organization’s ability to thrive. Employees want their organization to provide a workplace experience that matches what they’ve come to expect as customers and in other areas of their life: Meaningful, personalized, user-friendly and digital.

A B2B portal allows your employees to manage your relationships with different customers, distributors and partners, from a single platform where they can manage all information, contracts, process and data analysis from customers and partners.

  • + Liferay Portal
  • + Liferay Content Management
  • + Liferay Workflows
  • + SmartNow Real Time Analytics
  • + Redhat Business Process Manager
  • + Redhat Business Rules

Customer Journey Map

With this service understand the process of your customer, then automate and improve the experience

Inbound Marketing Strategy

With this service organically attract customers to products or services through value content creation in website, blog,  social media, email, SEO and SEM practices

Real Time Analytics
for Real Time Experiences

Imagineer Customer Analytics helps your employees make end-to end decisions base on evidence, tracking organizational KPIs in real-time, identifying sales trends and opportunities automatically, connecting your data to visualize and track all strategic decisions in one place. 

  • +SmartNow Real Time Analytics 
  • +SmartNow Big Data
  • +SmartNow Fast Data
  • +SmartNow Machine Learning
  • +Smartnow Artificial Intelligence
  • +SmartNow Dashboards

Employee Workflow

The true power of automation is in connecting your workflows with other tasks, business rules, content and people within your organization. 

Deliver consistent, transparent experiences with a comprehensive platform for achieving your digital business automation objectives, creating standardized workflows that can be reused across the organization.