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The most extensible digital experience platform around

Customer Experience

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (Liferay DXP) provides an open source and enterprise-ready platform for your business to build tailored solutions for your customers. Organizations use DXPs to build, deploy and continually improve websites, portals, mobile and other digital experiences, whit a secure and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touchpoints.

DXPs manage the presentation layer based on the user role, security privileges and preferences of an individual. Liferay combine and coordinate applications, including dashboards, workflows, analytics, business rules, process automation, content management, personalization, mobile, collaboration, integration and aggregation.

  •   Intranets: equip employees with the modern tools to get work done faster.
  •   Websites: create personalized web experiences that attract and empower customers.
  •   Customer Portals: build strong customer relationships that extend beyond the purchase.
  •   Partner Portals: svatisfy your partners with a platform built to handle complex scenarios.
  •   Integration Platforms: unify your new and existing systems into one powerful platform.
  •   Workflow: define any number of simple to complex business processes or workflows.

Digital Experiences Platform

Liferay is an integrated suite of technologies, that provides to your customers a broad range of with consistent, secure and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touchpoints.

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Mobile Phone

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Whether building a website, portal, mobile or app, Liferay is the Customer Experience Center for a company's digital strategy across Marketing, Sales, Services, Commerce, IT and Digital. It's the point through which all customer, employees, data, apps, and processes are surfaced through as beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

Liferay is a web platform that allows organizations to quickly and easily create intranets, extranets, applications, and self-service portals, providing users a more secure and efficient way of consuming information and interacting with applications, processes, and other users.

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Magento Experience

Go where your users are by providing rich experiences for content, applications and processes from practically any device.

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Liferay Digital Experience Platform enable customers partners, and employees to access and manage information, business tools, and workflows that would otherwise live in a variety of systems, require a call to customer service to access, or be buried in an outdated portal that is difficult to navigate.