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The best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow

Customer Experience

Magento Commerce revolutionizes how merchants deliver customized shopping experience to consumers in the digital world. Magento Commerce revolutionizes how merchants deliver customized shopping experience to consumers in the digital world.

Magento Commerce provides one platform with to manage customer interactions across all digital touchpoints, enabling a seamless brand experience on any channel. Pre-build Commerce Customer Experience Applications for web, mobile and call center provide a solid foundation for getting to market quickly. Magento Commerce are based on commerce best practices and can be customized to individual needs, with full access to a sophisticated cross-channel merchandising engine and open development.

Magento continually sets industry standards for market innovation and client satisfaction, by combining the cloud ecommerce platform rated #1 by industry analysts and Imagineer Consulting Services that extends the value of the platform with a business model designed for sustained client revenue growth.

Magento Commerce for retail

Magento can attract and captivate new prospects, convert them to buyers, increase their transaction size, and retain them as loyal, profitable, long-term customers.

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Mobile Phone

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Magento B2B offers added capabilities to help you manage relationships and transact business with your indirect channels including distributors, retailers, and online marketplaces. Magento B2B features include contract-based product catalogs, contract-based pricing, purchase lists, approvals workflow, order restrictions, requisitions, and cost center-based shipping.

With growing number of new business, improving loyalty and high-value relationships is critical to revenue growth. Magento gives you the tools to personalize the experience every time you connect with customers, whether online, by phone, in chat or in person, creating advocates for your brand.

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Magento Experience

Magento Commerce suite includes an analytics/reporting solution that helps business users easily track metrics including orders and conversion rates.

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Magento Commerce is the top ranked ecommerce solution that powers the world’s best brands online. Its highly scalable, flexible, and innovative component-based architecture enables you to personalize the online buying experience to fully engage your customers and help them find desired products, comparison shop, register for gifts, pre-order products, redeem coupons, and benefit from many other useful capabilities.