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Customer Experience

Partner Experience

Simplify and improve the experiences in what you work with your customers and suppliers.

Many companies have channel partners that control a significant part of the actual experience with customers. Hospitality companies have travel agencies, consumer goods companies have supermarkets, insurance companies have independent agents, industry manufacturers have distributors. Even brokers or financial advisors have external partners. While companies may not have direct control over partners, brand owners have the opportunity to influence partner organizations to provide a better customer experience. 

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions a customer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. Customers have these experiences anytime, anywhere, on any channel with multiple constituencies of the company or brand. 

A great customer experience relies on the company's ability to connect behind-the-scenes entities and activities to customer interactions and to provide superior service at every touch point. Companies need to consider the influence of every single employee and most importantly external partners on every single customer interaction.

Imagineer Customer Experience has integrated Partner Experience capabilities into every part of the Partner Portal Process and CRM process, including marketing, sales, commerce, and service. This tight integration makes it possible for you and your partners to share B2B features, functionality, and transactions, including customers, leads, orders, business logic, and more. Because you're sharing consistent business processes across both direct and indirect channels, you're able to deliver reliably successful service across your customer value chain.


Mobile Experiences
for Partners

Mobile is everywhere and touches every facet of our lives. Connect partners with your employees in real time with mobile apps.

Imagineer simplify the development of mobile applications with an open, comprehensive platform that scales to meet your needs. Whether you’re building new apps or extending backend systems, Imagineer provides the platform, security, and analytics that you can count on.


Partner Portal

With this service, create new Partner Portals, where you can perform all the processes of purchasing, shipping, payments and customer service, completely online.

Partner Relationship Management

Manage the Relationship with Partners through an integrated platform that keeps updated all the information of your ecosystem of business partners.


Real Time
Partner Process

Gain real-time insights from your partner ecosystem , across all your data, aplications, and business process. Build Digital Channels with a Real Time Architecture for achive your business goals.

  • + Real Time Partner Portal
  • + Real Time Workflows
  • + Real Time Applications

More Integration,
Better Experiences

Your partners need to run 24x7 processes with your company, to achieve this, they need applications that are 100% integrated with other business applications and data in real time. Imagineer Customer Experience accelerate the path to digital transformation by eliminating barriers between business applications and databases.