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See how Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite can automate your digital innovation

Customer Experience

Red Hat Business Process Management (BPM) solution has the ability to support a company’s sales and marketing teams by providing them with process-driven applications that save valuable resources and time.It can also streamline the pre-sale process, provide prospective customers with prompt answers, and enable employees to quickly respond to changing customer demands.
Examples of sales and marketing BPM workflows include customer inquiries, promotional campaigns, product launches and sales process management, as well as developing, responding to and approving proposals and bids.

Improve Customer Experience processes with Red Hat Business Process Management. If your organization faces Customer Experience process challenges, Red Hat BPM and BRMS presents the opportunity for significant, measurable improvement. Red Hat BPM and BRMS improves Customer Experience by filling the gaps between your salesforce automation (SFA) and customer relationship Management (CRM) processes and your SCM/ERP fulfillment systems and processes.

Specifically, Red Hat Business Process Management enables:

  •   Automatic inclusion of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for sales and contracting and enforcement of best practices across your customer on-boarding processes.
  •   Rapid adaptation of on-boarding processes for new sales campaigns and in response to market demands and regulatory changes.
  •   Extensive automation of sales quotation and contract approval processes
  •   Re-use of the desktop collaboration tools already familiar to users, such as Office, e-mail, and enterprise portals, as part of managed processes.
  •   Real-time visibility into customer and new business on-boarding metrics and compliance objectives.

Increase revenue and reduce costs.

Use BPM for increase revenue and reduce costs by providing optimized Customer Journey Process across digital and traditional channels, that is the most important opportunity to make your marketing and sales processes more effective and grow sales.

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Red Hat BPM makes it easy for business managers, business analysts, and developers to create new business processes and improve existing ones. It is ideal for modeling, simulating, executing, and optimizing business processes across divisions, systems, and applications. Red Hat BPM delivers immediate ROI, driving enhanced customer service and operational excellence, and providing business value to service-oriented architectures.

The combination of Red Hat Business Process Management (BPM), Red Hat Business Rules Management System (BRMS) and Red Hat SOA provides everything organizations need to implement, execute, and monitor end-to-end business processes and individual sub-processes, tasks and business rules.

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BPM represents a strategy of managing and improving business performance by continuously optimizing business processes in a closed-loop cycle of modeling, execution, and measurement.

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Turning prospects into paying customers is the goal of any sales organization. Companies that perform complex sales invest significant time, money, and human and system resources to attract, impress, and ultimately earn the business of each new customer so optimization of this process is critical to profit margins. Red Hat Business process management (BPM) software provides organizations with a vehicle to improve complex sales processes and manage the prospect-to-customer lifecycle more effectively.